Deep Tissue Massage Polegate

A deep tissue massage relieves muscle pain and can help relieve stress. It can also help if you are recovering from a soft tissue injury. We serve the whole of East Sussex - contact us today to get booked in!

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

A deep tissue massage is similar to a swedish massage but it uses firmer pressures and can be targeted to specific areas of pain and tension. This treatment is perfect if you are suffering from severe pain, recovering from a soft tissue injury, going through muscular tension or if you are stressed and seeking relaxation.

What does a deep tissue massage involve?

This body massage targets a specific problem area to stimulate blood flow, to kick start your body's natural healing process. Before your massage, we will go through any problems you may be having and what areas you would like targeting. In order to handle deep muscle layers, connective tissue and to break up adhesions. We use an array of techniques (usually involving my knuckles, fingertips, forearm and elbows to apply different types of pressure). However, if at any point it starts to become uncomfortable, just let me know and I can reduce the pressure.

The benefits

It reduces anxiety, stress, tension, improves athletic recovery, breaks up scar tissue and releases 'happy hormones' such as serotonin. You may also notice muscle pain relief as the massage releases knots and improves elasticity. Once your massage is complete, it is perfectly normal to experience some aching which will pass in a couple of days.

Why choose us?

As a massage therapist, I have completed a number of CPD courses and qualifications such as a Level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy. LWB is a member of the Sports Therapy Organisation and the complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - so you can be assured the massage therapy you are receiving is professional.

We moved to our current base in 2015 and since then we are proud to have grown and grown and gained a loyal client basis. I get to know each customer and adapt the treatment to suit them. As well as treating pain you are experiencing, I also try to diagnose and treat the cause of the pain. We have many forms of massage therapy which can be selected based on what the diagnosis is.

For any further guidance or to book in your consultation, please just give us a call on 01323 325052 or use the form at the top of this page.