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5 stars
Before meeting Steve and him working his magic, I seemed to be at the doctors on a regular basis, headaches (cluster and migraines apparently), frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, neck pain, wrist pain, you name it I seemed to have it. Since having regular treatments at Work Life Balance I haven't been to the doctors, in fact I haven't even had a headache. Yes I still get tight muscles and repetitive strain in some areas but these are alleviated after an hours treatment. I thoroughly recommend LWB and put myself in Steves capable hands rather than visit the doctor now as I know a lot of my previous symptoms can be controlled and relieved with regular visits to LWB rather than pumping my body with painkillers that do nothing to treat the actual cause. Can't recommend highly enough.
Jules Abbott · 3 September 2017
5 stars
Spent an obscene amount on an osteopath appointment in desperation after injuring my back with little improvement. I have seen Steve numerous times for sports injuries and noted he had recently completed a back specific course. Booked in to see him this week and I can now stand up straight! The improvement in my flexibility was dramatic and although I still need a few more appointments I am optimistic I can get back in shape in time for my next 14k mud run at the end of April. Steve has magic hands and is very knowledgable about all kinds of injuries. If you are in doubt, take the plunge, get in contact and you won't be disappointed!! Thanks Steve!
Rachel Sharp · 24 March 2017
5 stars
Whilst training in my off season towards a bodybuilding competition, I encountered a very painful injury in my left quadricep (I had torn muscle fibres). At the stage I was at I really didn't want to have to rest it but it was imperative. However after a few weeks of rest I decided I needed something to speed the recovery up, after doing my research I found that Steve was said to be very good at his job and helping people recover with injuries. I contacted him and he was very nice and very flexible with times for the booking I required. After just a few sessions I was back training in the way I was prior to the injury and I must say he helped a hell of a lot! Very knowledgeable, great advice and more importantly very good at getting the job done! Recommend him highly!
Marcus Hall · 20 March 2017
5 stars
A MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TO Stephen Newland for my treatment on my leg, knees and hip today...I found so many places excruciating...especially the calves, hamstring and my hip joint...and I think I could fill his swear jar on my own!

But....he has worked wonders these past couple of weeks, and we have seen so much improvement, but the biggest thing for me today, was the feeling of standing straight for the first time since my fall, and walking straight without knocking the knees together.
The hip flexor, is starting to realise that it's not meant to be in that rotated position! Just a shame all those doctors didn't listen to me, and me constantly telling them of my excruciating pain in my groin, which in turn, turned out to be the hip flexor!

Stephen has truly been my life saver, my hope, and the light at the end of the tunnel, is now getting so much brighter...and although tonight, I had to cancel going to my School Reunion, and seeing old friends, today was well worth it...
I'm now iced up to the max, and legs elevated, whilst resting loads...
Thank you Stephen, you are a genius and I'm truly grateful. Xx
Anisa Chez Akchich · 24 February 2017
5 stars
I am so impressed with his technique massage. It was brilliant. He was so professional! Give 5* and even more ! thanks so much. can't wait for my 2nd appointment n get back to normal!
Diny Rideal · 5 September 2017
5 stars
Wow he is amazing after 1 session and my back hasn't felt this good in over 10 years thank you so much.
Leanne Roach · 24 July 2017
5 stars
So pleased with the work that Steve is doing on our daughter aged 5. Thoroughly recommend going to see Steve if you have any injuries. Thank you Steve, Daniella thinks you have got magic tape.
Claire Brickley · 24 March 2017
5 stars
After having problems with my arm, I went to see Stephen who was very professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I was very impressed with the service, he got to the pain literally and showed me how we can work on improving my arm with self help and treatments, arm feeling so much better, thank you.
Emma Cronin · 23 February 2017