Soft Tissue Release (STR)

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Soft Tissue Release Massage in Eastbourne

STR is an advanced technique used in assessing and stretching soft tissues – primarily muscle fibres, tendon and fascia. How often have you stretched a ‘tight’ muscle only for it to provide temporary relief?  Why does some muscle tightness only appear in certain parts of the muscle and not the whole length? This may be due to the fact that the muscle is not uniformly tight and may contain, in specific places, areas of tension or adhesions. So, when we stretch, it may not be this tight part of the muscle we are lengthening but the bit that is already flexible

This is where STR comes in!

Each muscle has an ‘origin’ and an ‘insertion’ (aka an ‘attachment’) point. During STR, the therapist applies a manual pressure to a specific part of the muscle that creates a temporary attachment point. The muscle is then taken into a stretch (passive or active) that will lengthen, untangle, and realign specific muscle fibres. This can increase range of movement, reduce tension & pain and allow scar tissue to move more freely.

I usually use two types of STR:

  1. PASSIVE: I instigate the movement.
  2. ACTIVE: You instigate the movement whilst I assist.

Benefits of STR include:

  • Increased mobility of soft tissues.
  • Promotion of optimal scar tissue formation in soft tissue injuries.
  • The breaking-down of fibrous adhesions in soft tissues.
  • A positive influence on soft tissue repair.
  • Improved range-of-motion in joints.
  • Promotion of muscular balance.

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