Hailsham Massage Therapy

Don't suffer in silence - we offer natural pain relief for whatever tension you are experiencing.

Massage Therapy Hailsham

If you are experiencing tension or pain such as a strained muscle, lower back pain, neck pain, we can help. Our massage therapist offers a natural solution to suit your needs. We get to know each client and provide them with an individual treatment tailored to their needs. We are based in Eastbourne but serving clients from the surrounding areas in East Sussex including Hailsham.

It is a myth that only sportsman benefit from massage therapy! Massage therapy offers many benefits to everyone as it optimises physical health, well-being and muscle function. Massage therapy can be a fantastic form of treatment to anyone who is going through minor or chronic injuries. Our massage therapist offers a number of therapies including sports massage (targets areas which are under a high amount of stress), deep tissue massage and soft tissue techniques such as muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy, myofascial relief, soft tissue release, ultrasound and kinesiology taping. With every client we aim to target the root cause of the pain and tackle that directly.

Sports Massage in Hailsham

We offer treatment for a range of clients. Lots of people who come to us are seeking preventative treatment to put a stop to potential issues becoming more serious. If you are looking to speed up recovery, we offer corrective remedial massage therapy. We offer affordable prices without compromising on the quality of treatment. Please see our prices below:

90 minute appointment - £65

60 minute appointment - £45

45 minute appointment - £40

30 minute appointment - £32

Kinesiology taping - £10 minimum charge (free if included with treatment)

We offer an hour long initial consultation at just £40 with our massage therapist and this includes support and treatment. We will establish your lifestyle, medical history, job and what you hope to relieve through massage therapy. I will also provide some muscle flexibility tests and a postural assessment to identify any muscle weaknesses. Please get in touch to discuss further or to book your appointment online - please just click here!