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Our massage services work to find the root cause of the pain and treat the issue using a range of therapies. Improve your movement, repair an injury and feel great!

Hastings Massage Therapy - Life Work Balance

Welcome to Life Work Balance! We are massage therapists offering a number of therapies to suit the particular aches and pains you are experiencing. From lower back pain and neck pain to a strained muscle - we have a natural solution for you.

We work with clients from across Hastings and East Sussex, providing them with some explanation as to what has caused the pain and how it can be treated. Using techniques such as sports massage and deep tissue massage therapy.

It is a commonly known misconception that only sports people can benefit from massage therapy. But there are so many additional benefits to massage, such as improving physical health, wellbeing and muscle function. A realm of people experience minor or chronic injuries at some point in their lives, to which massage can be a hugely beneficial treatment.

We offer a range of massage services such as sports massage, deep tissue massage which use a number of soft tissue techniques such as muscle energy technique, soft tissue release, myofascial release, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, swedish massage, kinesiology taping and ultrasound. We are able to treat a range of problems, not only treating the issue but identifying the cause of the pain too.

Reliable & Professional Massage Therapist

As a highly trained massage therapist, I have experience treating a range of clients who have a range of pains and injuries. Many of our clients are seeking preventative treatment, to ensure that potential issues do not become more serious.

We also offer corrective remedial massage which can speed up your recovery. This is great for a sports person as we can target areas which are under a high amount of stress. We can implement this at various stages of training.

Please see our full price list:

90 minute appointment - £65

60 minute appointment - £45

45 minute appointment - £40

30 minute appointment - £32

Kinesiology taping - £10 minimum charge (free if included with treatment)

An initial consultation is only £40 - which is an hour long and includes treatment. As part of the consultation we will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, job and what you hope you will gain from our massage services. I will also provide a postural assessment and offer muscle flexibility tests to identify any weaknesses in the muscle.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information on our massage services in Hastings, St Leonards on Sea and East Sussex - use the form at the top of this page, give us a call or use our online booking system.

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