Lower Back Pain Relief Bexhill

Whether you are experiencing pain in your back, hips, buttocks or legs, we can help with our natural massage therapy techniques.

Lower Back Pain Relief

There could be many reasons behind your back or neck pain. If you are a longtime sufferer from the same pains or if you are recovering from an injury - we can help ease your pain. Our treatment is particularly good if you are finding that painkillers are not effective. As frustrating as the pain may be and not knowing the true cause - do not suffer in silence! We provide effective pain relief through massage therapy using soft tissue techniques, myofascial release and remedial massage to target the source of the pain and create a natural, pain relief treatment.

What could be causing my back pain?

Below are the most frequent causes of lower back pain alongside their symptoms, which are all treatable by us:

Piriformis Syndrome - The piriformis is a small muscle in the buttocks which runs from the thigh to the base of the spine. The muscle can irritate the sciatic nerve which can be extremely painful.

Sciatica - If you are experiencing pain from the lower spine, deep in the buttocks, down your leg and into your foot. Some people may experience numbness or tingling in the back of their leg or calf. Also, you may find it difficult to move your leg/foot/toes and feel pain as you attempt to stand from sitting.

Gluteus Minimis Trigger Points - The gluteus minimis is the smallest of the three gluteal muscles located in the buttocks, outside the hip and under the glutes medius. If the trigger points are effected, you are likely to experience pain or numbness in the buttocks, or radiating pain from the buttocks to the thigh, to the calf and to the knee, lower leg and ankle. You may also experience pain in your hip as you walk or rise from a chair.

Quadratus Lumborum - This miscle is located either side of your lower back. It connects the pelvis to the spine and ribs. If it spasms, you should experience pain from the side of the back, along the hip and into the upper groin. You may also feel pain in the lower buttocks and sacroiliac joint or pain down the thigh or hip.

About Us

Our soft tissue massage techniques will ease nerve pressure, reduce muscular tension and provide significant pain relief for all of the above conditions. We will advise you on an individual basis - every person is different and requires different treatment to provide long-lasting pain relief. An initial consultation is one hour long and £35. Get booked in by giving us a call on 01323 325 051 or book online through this page!