Massage Therapist Eastbourne

If you are suffering from chronic pain or tension or suffering from an injury, we can help. We use a range of massage therapy techniques to relieve your symptoms. Get in touch to discuss your symptoms or to book a consultation.

Professional Massage Therapist in Eastbourne

Massage therapy could be a solution for you if you suffer with lower back pain, neck pain, strained muscles, or other aches and pains. Every treatment we offer is tailored to the client's individual needs based on their issue. We work with clients throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas of East Sussex.

There is a common misconception that only athletes and active people benefit from massage therapy, but this is not the case. It maximises physical health, wellbeing and muscle function. If you are suffering with a minor or chronic injury, massage therapy can be an effective and natural treatment.

We offer a number of massage treatments. These include:

Whatever muscle pain you are going through, we will always uncover the root cause and treat that directly.

Professional Massage Therapy

In our many years in the industry, we have treated all kinds of clients for a range of issues. Our treatment is preventative, meaning it will put a stop to your pain becoming more serious.

Also, we offer corrective remedial massage which aims to speed up recovery. We offer sports massage which is perfect for sports people who need specific treatment for areas which are under more pressure, or if they have suffered sports injuries. This can be implemented at any stage of training.

We offer high quality massage therapies at great prices. Our fees are as follows:

  • Kinesiology taping - £10 minimum (free if accompanied with treatment)
  • 30 minute appointment - £32
  • 45 minute appointment - £40
  • 60 minute appointment - £45
  • 90 minute appointment - £65

Initial Consultation - £40 which lasts 1 hour and includes treatment. This includes a discussion about your medical history, your job and lifestyle. We will discuss your goals within massage therapy. We will also provide an in-depth postural assessment and some muscle flexibility tests which should unearth any muscle weaknesses.

Please book an appointment using our online booking system or call us on 01323 325 051 and we will be happy to help.