Massage Therapist Hailsham

Massage Therapy Practice based near Hailsham. We use a range of massage techniques to treat muscle strain and pain from injuries.

Massage Therapy

Are you suffering from muscular pain or tension from a previous injury? Massage therapy is a great way of easing and relieving issues like these. Steven from Life Work Balance is an experienced massage therapist practising a diverse range of massage techniques to treat individual conditions.

I am so impressed with his technique massage. It was brilliant. He was so professional! Give 5* and even more! Thanks so much. Can't wait for my 2nd appointment and get back to normal!

During your initial appointment Steve will take the time to understand the issue and tailor the massage technique used to best treat the area. Appointments range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes following an initial consultation. During your consultation we will set goals for your treatment and perform a postural and muscle flexibility assessment to identify any muscle weaknesses.

Massage Therapy Fees

  • 90 minute appointment - £65
  • 60 minute appointment - £45
  • 45 minute appointment - £40
  • 30 minute appointment - £32
  • Kinesiology taping - £10 minimum (free with treatment)
  • Initial consultation - £40 - lasts 1 hour and includes treatment.

To book your appointment please use our online booking system or call us on 01323 325 051.

Massage Benefits

Massage therapy can help a number of issues and ailments including neck pain and back pain. Many people suffer in silence with chronic pain and injuries and believe this is now just a part of their everyday life. In fact, massage therapy can offer great relief to symptoms.

We use a range of techniques that include: muscle energy technique, soft tissue release, sports massage, remedial massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, ultrasound and kinesiology taping. Once we locate the cause of the discomfort we will set to work using one of our approved techniques to treat the symptoms.  

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