Lower Back Pain Hailsham

Massage therapy works to reduce and relieve pain to the lower back and other parts of the body including your hips, legs or buttocks.

Do you suffer from pain to your lower back?

So many of us experience a daily issue with back pain. Not only is it uncomfortable but over time it can become extremely painful and distressing when symptoms simply will not go away. There are a range of reasons for back pain and specifically lower back pain, from sports injuries to poor posture - whatever the reason we can help! 

Life, Work, Balance are specialist massage therapists and we use a number of soft tissue techniques as well as myofascial release, and remedial massage to target the source of the pain and treat the area, providing natural and powerful relief.  We treat the immediate problem whilst also establishing the root causes of injury - whether this has derived from a past injury or occupational stress factors etc. With our practice based in Eastbourne, we treat many patients from the surrounding areas such as Hailsham. Soft tissue massage techniques allow us to ease nerve pressure and reduce tension in the muscles. Throughout your time with us we will also provide advice on long-lasting pain relief.

Treatment is established following an initial consultation. These take an hour and are charged at £35. Simply call us or you use the form above and book in your appointment today!

What causes back pain?

There are numerous reasons why many of us suffer with back pain. Below are some of the most common causes of lower back pain and their symptoms - all of which can be treated by Life Work Balance: 

Sciatica - A very common cause of back pain, sciatica often involves a pain radiating down from the lower spine deep in the buttocks - all the way down the leg and into the foot. Pain, numbness or tingling in the back of the leg and calf can also be experienced as a result of sciatica. Moving legs/feet/toes may be difficult and you can feel pain as you stand from a sitting position.

Piriformis Syndrome - This is a small muscle in the buttocks that runs from the thigh bone to the base of the spine. It can irritate the sciatic nerve which causes pain in one buttock or the leg.

Gluteus Minimis Trigger Points - The smallest of all 3 gluteal muscles, the gluteus minimis in the buttocks is located outside the hip and underneath the glutes medius. If triggered it can cause pain or numbness in the buttocks, or pain radiating from the buttocks to the thigh, into the calf, knee, lower leg and ankle. You may also experience pain or discomfort in your hip when walking or rising from a chair.

Quadratus Lumborum - Located either side of the lower back, this muscle connects the top of the pelvis to the ribs and spine. If it goes into spasm, it can cause pain that radiates from the side of the back, along the hip and into the upper groin.

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