Pain in Lower Back Seaford

Using a range of techniques and massage therapies, we will work with you to ascertain the source of the pain and relieve any pain or discomfort you have been suffering from.

Suffering from pain in the lower back in Seaford?

Suffering with lower back pain can be miserable, it can affect every part of your daily life and cause discomfort and on-going pain. There are many causes for back and neck pain, ranging from a previous injury to poor posture or sitting positions at work. Many wrongly assume this is just a fact of life, but we at Life Work Balance can help reduce, relieve and eliminate the pain you are living with once and for all.

We utilise a range of effective massage therapies that include: soft tissue techniques, myofascial release and remedial massage. These types of therapies allow us to target the source of the pain and provide a treatment that is both natural and powerful. Over time the results can be life changing and we love nothing more than hearing a patient say they are now pain free.

Who are we?

Life Work Balance are based in Eastbourne and we look after patients across East Sussex, including Seaford. Using soft tissue massage techniques, we work to ease nerve pressure, reduce tension in the muscles and ultimately produce a relief to the pain you have been suffering from.  Each patient is dealt with on an individual basis and we take time to understand the issues you are experiencing in order to develop an effective treatment plan.

Initial consultations are one hour long and priced at £35 - book today on 01323 325 051 or book online here!

Back pain causes:

Outlined below are some of the main causes of back pain - all can be treated by our massage therapists:

Piriformis Syndrome - Running from the base of the spine to into the thigh, this small muscle is located in the buttocks and can irritate the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica - Sciatica causes pain that is felt in the lower spine, deep in the buttocks, down your legs and into your foot. Numbness or tingling in the back of your leg or calf can also be experienced and moving leg/feet or toes can be uncomfortable.

Gluteus Minimis Trigger Points - This is the smallest of the three gluteal muscles. They are located in the buttocks, under the glutes medius and outside the hip. When trigger points are irritated you can suffer from pain or numbness in the buttocks, as well as a pain radiating from the buttocks into the thigh, calf, knee, lower leg and ankle.

Quadratus Lumborum - Located either side of your lower back, this muscle connects the pelvis to the spine and ribs. If in spasm, you can suffer from pain in the side of the back, along the hip and into the upper groin. Pain can also be felt in the lower buttocks and sacroiliac joint.

Relive lower back pain with Life Work Balance - Call today to book in your appointment!