Sciatica Treatment Hailsham

Life Work Balance use a range of massage therapy techniques to release tension caused by irritated nerves to ease the symptoms of sciatica.

Sciatica Treatment

Are you suffering from sciatica? We understand how uncomfortable and painful the symptoms of sciatic can be. The team at Life Work Balance use a range of massage techniques to treat the cause of the problem and help relieve pain.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated. Many people try to treat sciatica with painkillers but this only relieves the pain for a short time. Massage therapy relieves the symptoms and treats the cause of the pain.

Symptoms of Sciatica: 

  • Lower back pain that spreads through the leg, calf, buttocks and foot.
  • Numbness, weakness or difficulty moving the leg, feet or toes
  • A sharp pain that occurs when rising from a seat
  • A feeling of tingling or numbness which goes down the back of the leg and into the calf

There are other conditions that have very similar symptoms, so part of our assessment will be to establish exactly which condition you are suffering from. Other conditions include:  Piriformis Syndrome, Gluteus Minimis Trigger Points and Quadratus Lumborum. All of these conditions can be treated using the correct massage therapy techniques.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica cases vary by individual, as do their symptoms, severity of pain, and duration of condition. Pain caused by sciatica occurs due to the nerve being pressurised. This can happen after a slipped disc, an injury to the soft tissues around the nerve, or spinal stenosis.

Sciatica Treatment

Life Work Balance are based in Eastbourne and treat many patients across the Hailsham area. We provide a comprehensive list of treatments including massage therapy, and offer guidance on how to relieve your symptoms  - whether they are caused by sciatica or a similar condition. Using soft tissue techniques, we reduce muscular tension and nerve pressure.

Every treatment is tailored to your individual case following our initial consultation. You can book your consultation online - it is an hours session at £40.

To contact Life Work Balance please contact us on 01323 325051.