Seaford Massage Therapy

Our highly qualified therapist Steven can help you through any pain or injury you may be facing through professional massage therapy.

Massage Therapists  

If you are suffering with injury or with any aches or pains - massage therapy may be the solution you are looking for. From back pain, to neck pain or muscle strain - massage therapy can help. Life Work Balance Massage Therapy is ran by Steve who is highly experienced and qualified in a range of massage therapies. He gets to know every client and tailors the massage therapy to their individual needs. The Life Work Balance clinic is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex with easy access from Seaford.

Massage therapy is not just beneficial for sports people. Anyone will reap the benefits from massage therapy to optimise their physical health, well-being and muscle function. Minor and chronic injuries are commonly faced by many people throughout their lifetime - massage therapy is a great form of natural relief. We offer a range of massage therapies including deep tissue massage and sports massage. Techniques we use include: remedial massage. muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial relief, ultrasound and kinesiology taping. We always try to locate the cause of the discomfort and treat it directly.

Professional Massage Therapist

We have treated a range of clients for many issues over the years. Our treatment is aiming to be preventative to stop your pain becoming something more serious. We even offer remedial massage therapy which can increase your recovery time. We offer sports massage therapies for sports people - to target particular areas which are under the most pressure. We can implement this at a training stage to suit you.

We are proud to offer massage therapy at a low cost price. Below are our fees:

  • 90 min appointment - £65
  • 60 min appointment - £45
  • 45 min appointment - £40
  • 30 min appointment - £32
  • Kinesiology taping - £10 minimum charge (free if included with treatment)

An initial consultation is £40 and lasts an hour and includes treatment. During this session, we will discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices, job and what you'd like to gain from the treatment. You will also receive a postural assessment and muscle flexibility assessment to identify muscle weaknesses.