Sports Massage Hailsham

A Sports Massage is the ideal way to offer relief for chronic pain in a specific area of your body. This massage therapy also treats and prevents muscle injuries, targeting the core of the issue using advanced techniques.

Sports Massage East Sussex

Muscles are key to the movement of our joints and also stabilising them. If problems occur, even minor ones, this can significantly affect function and cause great discomfort. A sports massage is the perfect solution and is certainly not restricted to sportsmen, as once believed. Sports therapy suits people of all ages, from every fitness level and gender. Not only relieving pain, a sports massage can also act as great injury prevention method and helps increase range of movement.

Life Work Balance offer a comprehensive sports massage therapy service that combines traditional techniques of swedish massage, incorporated with soft tissue techniques that include soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, mysofascial release and muscle energy techniques. Using advanced techniques our massage therapist uses a number of motion and flexibility tests to locate the injury area, as well as the specific cause of the discomfort and works to rectify this issue.

Sports Therapy

There are many benefits that arise from a sports massage, encouraging positive change to the soft tissue layers, and superficial to the deep tissue layers. Other benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility with wider range of motion
  • Encourages relaxation and muscle tension release
  • Helps to break down scar tissue and adhesions
  • Reduces symptomatic pain significantly
  • Offers an early indication of any potential problems
  • Allows you to use more of available muscle
  • Enhanced performance
  • Stimulates micro-circulation and improves rehab and recovery times
  • Fine-tunes training
  • Functional muscle balance

Life Work Balance

Life Work Balance is a local company offering remedial and sports massage, alongside advanced soft tissue therapy. We treat a range of patients, those involved in sport and those who are not. There are many reasons why you may come to us including if you are suffering from an injury, all the way to simply seeking regular 'maintenance'. Steve, the founder of Life Work Balance, has a long history in the industry and has been a Therapist for Portsmouth FC Ladies and Eastbourne Rugby Club. As a full member of the Sports Therapy Organisation and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, Steve undertakes and completes a number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours every year.

At Life Work Balance we offer every kind of massage therapy - from deep tissue massage therapy to trigger point therapy. Book in your sports massage today or for advice or assistance call us on 01323 325 051. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the top of this page and we will get back to you.